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Beginner Chinese Series 1 is the first unit of a systematic Chinese learning series intended for students who have had little prior exposure to the Chinese language. This Chinese course focuses on teaching the most basic Chinese expressions such as asking others’ names, introducing your nationality, talking about simple weekend plans, using appropriate cultural etiquette when inquiring about age, and more. The Chinese course also introduces simple sentence patterns and grammar, laying a solid foundation for continued learning in the following units.   (Learn More)
Beginner Chinese Series 2 is the second unit of a systematic Chinese learning series. It expands upon the material presented in Beginner Chinese Series 1. This Chinese course focuses on improving students’ Chinese levels by teaching them more expressions in completing various tasks such as asking about specialty dishes, buying fruit, withdrawing money, taking different kinds of transportation in China and so on. The Chinese course also introduces more complex sentence patterns and grammar.   (Learn More)
Beginner Chinese Series 3 is the third unit of a systematic Chinese language learning video series. In this Chinese course, you will learn more about Chinese language and culture through topics relating to daily life in China, such as going to karaoke, inviting somebody to dinner, doing Taijiquan (Tai Chi), going on vacation and so on.  (Learn More)
The Beginner Chinese Series 4 is the fourth unit of a systematic Chinese learning series. It builds on the basis of the previous three online Chinese courses. You'll learn more Chinese words, phrases, grammar and expressions. What's more, this Chinese course also includes more content relating to traditional and modern Chinese culture, so you can expand your cultural awareness along with your Chinese vocabulary.  (Learn More)
Survival Chinese for Business specifically caters to the needs of business people who have to conduct basic communication tasks in Chinese. After completion of this Chinese course, you will be able to communicate in Chinese to the extent that is necessary to survive in most basic business situations, such as giving polite greetings, exchanging business cards, arranging meetings, talking about new products etc.  (Learn More)
Survival Chinese video course focuses on teaching frequently used daily words and phrases in daily life, specifically catering to the needs of surviving in China. The Chinese course will help you conduct daily Chinese communication tasks in daily life, such as self-introduction, asking directions, making hotel reservations, exchanging currency, ordering food, etc. These Chinese courses are arranged in an easy to follow and digest format. After completing the course, you will be able to communicate in Chinese as needed to survive in China.   (Learn More)

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Having trouble getting started? Here are some quick tips:
Short videos give quick access to a specific language point with practice questions.
Survival Chinese courses are great for a crash course if you plan to travel to China.
Beginner Chinese Series is intended for systematic learning.
Additional practice drills and exercises can be found at the end of most lessons.


"Indeed, there isn't a corresponding sound in English for the Chinese pinyin 'x.' You will pronounce a correct 'x' if you level your tongue and pull the corners of your mouth."

- James

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