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Survival Chinese for Business

Survival Chinese for Business (10 Lessons)
Survival Chinese for Business specifically caters to the needs of business people who have to conduct basic communication tasks in Chinese. After completion of this Chinese course, you will be able to communicate in Chinese to the extent that is necessary to survive in most basic business situations, such as giving polite greetings, exchanging business cards, arranging meetings, talking about new products etc.
What do you say upon meeting your business partner for the first time? To make a good first impression in business situations, you can use popular words and expressions in this business Chinese lesson such as hello and Glad to meet you.
Learn Business Chinese – Lesson 1
How to exchange greetings with your Chinese business partner? Learn useful words and expressions through this business Chinese lesson like business card, heard a lot about someone and you’re welcome.
Learn Business Chinese – Lesson 2
What do you say when you are looking for someone? This business Chinese lesson introduces several helpful sentences to help you out! Learn practical words such as at somewhere, to wait for a moment and the interrogative particle “吗(ma).”
Learn Business Chinese – Lesson 3
Learn some important words and phrases for when you are arranging for something. In this business Chinese lesson, you will learn to express time and arrange a meeting. Phrases like be free, to have a meeting, no problem are very useful.
Learn Business Chinese – Lesson 4
Lesson 5
Have you ever taken a taxi in China? Learn how to relay the address and ask for the price in this business Chinese lesson. Discover daily Chinese words such as address, money and the interrogative question structures such as where is… and how much is ...?
Learn Business Chinese – Lesson 5
Feel tired after a day’s hard work? Feel like having a rest and drinking a cup of coffee at a café? In this business Chinese lesson, you can learn to order coffee and other drinks in Mandarin Chinese, such as I’d like…, a cup of coffee, and so on.
Learn Business Chinese – Lesson 6
Ready to pay for your bill in a coffee shop or a restaurant? In this business Chinese lesson, you can learn what to say in this situation in Mandarin Chinese. Become familiar with the particular units for Chinese currency—RMB, such as “块(kuài), 毛(máo), 角(jiǎo),” and also learn to say numbers above 100 in Chinese.
Learn Business Chinese – Lesson 7
You are preparing to establish business cooperation with a Chinese company. How do you introduce the basic information of your company to your partners? Follow this business Chinese lesson to learn useful expressions and sentence patterns such as solely-owned company, Sino-America joint venture, and there is….
Learn Business Chinese – Lesson 8
Your business partner would like to show you the new products. Learn how to express your opinions about the new products through this business Chinese lesson. You will also become familiar with the usage of some Chinese measure words.
Learn Business Chinese – Lesson 9
Lesson 10
Chinese people usually like to have a going away dinner before their business partners leaves. How do you express your appreciation for their hospitality and your best wishes toward the cooperation? In this business Chinese lesson, you will learn some useful expressions such as thanks for…, hospitality, a toast for…, and smoothly.
Learn Business Chinese – Lesson 10

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如果我要说“你要点什么?“ without 儿 。Would the meaning change to "What do you want to order" ?

— Julie


"I have been taking the survival Chinese course for a month now and you know what, I can now have simple conversations with my Chinese colleagues. They were astonished and asked where I learned Chinese. Thanks for such a wonderful program. Look forward to more!"
- Liang Kung
Hong Kong, China

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