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Survival Chinese (20 Lessons)
Survival Chinese video course focuses on teaching frequently used daily words and phrases in daily life, specifically catering to the needs of surviving in China. The Chinese course will help you conduct daily Chinese communication tasks in daily life, such as self-introduction, asking directions, making hotel reservations, exchanging currency, ordering food, etc. These Chinese courses are arranged in an easy to follow and digest format. After completing the course, you will be able to communicate in Chinese as needed to survive in China.
How would you use daily Chinese words to greet people and make a good first impression? Learn phrases in this Chinese lesson, such as I, you, happy, my name is... and nice to meet you!
After greetings, it's time to learn how to introduce where you are from and impress others with your Chinese skills! Learn daily Chinese phrases for country, welcome, people and Where are you going?
After leaving the airport, you will probably go directly to check in at a hotel. Learn useful daily Chinese expressions such as from... to..., reservation, registration card and room key.
Have you ever tried to reserve a hotel room? Learn to express simple requests for reserving a room. Learn daily Chinese expressions such as How much is..., single room, double room, and standard room.
Once you arrive in China, you might need to go to a bank. Before you ask someone for directions, learn daily Chinese phrases such as excuse me, thanks, bank, which and where.
Lesson 6
There are many currencies in the world: the U.S. Dollar, the English Pound, the Euro… But in China, you can't even buy a bus ticket without using RMB, also known as the Chinese Yuan. Learn to express requests in daily Chinese phrases such as I want to..., exchange... to..., service, U.S. dollar, RMB and exchange rate.
Lesson 7
Can't wait to try some authentic Chinese food? In this lesson, learn to order dishes at local Chinese restaurants! Learn daily Chinese phrases such as what about..., I like that too and check please.
Lesson 8
Houhai is one of the most interesting bar streets in Beijing due to its distinct local flair. Learn daily Chinese phrases such as great, let's go to..., night view, sit and beer.
Lesson 9
Learn daily Chinese expressions such as have a try, you're welcome, beautiful and medium-sized.
Lesson 10
You may already be familiar with pounds and ounces, but those aren’t used in China. Learn the unique measurement units used in China. Learn daily Chinese expressions such as have a taste, this kind and that kind.
Lesson 11
Taking a taxi is quite convenient in China and it’s not that expensive either. However, not many Chinese taxi drivers have a good command of the English language. In this lesson, you will learn daily Chinese phrases such as I am going to..., first time and travel.
Lesson 12
Tickets, routes, signs... There are a lot to pay attention to when taking the subway. Learn phrases such as where is..., metro, transfer to, convenient and exit.
Learn daily Chinese expressions such as How do I get to..., go straight, toward and turn.
There are many transportation options in Beijing. In addition to taking a taxi and the subway, you can take a bus. But you'd better take the right one! Learn daily Chinese expressions such as if, what's up, the opposite side and pass in this lesson.
Learn the basic expressions you need to know when making a phone call. In this lesson, we will learn daily Chinese phrases such as is...there, my phone number is..., leave a message and pass this message on to....
Lesson 16
What do you say when you dialed a wrong number? Learn daily Chinese phrases such as I dialed the wrong number, please call back later, powered off and It's fine.
Lesson 17
If you are planning a trip, you should check the weather forecast beforehand. In this lesson, you will learn daily Chinese words such as tomorrow, cloudy, sunny and temperature.
Lesson 18
Most regions in northern China have four distinct seasons. In this lesson, we will how to speak Chinese expressions such as spring, summer, autumn, winter, windy, raining, cloudy and cold.
Lesson 19
Need to see a doctor? First, make sure that you can describe your symptoms accurately. In this lesson, you will learn daily Chinese expressions such as what's bothering you, register (in a hospital), department, cough and doctor.
Lesson 20
Do you need a prescription filled? In this lesson, you will learn daily Chinese expressions such as before/after a meal, where is the pharmacy and take these pills three times a day.

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I have learned Survival Chinese courses here for a week and noticed that in Lesson 4 of the Survival Chinese course there is the measure word “个.” The usage of this is not very clear to me. Could you explain it? Thanks!

— Tina


"Excellent! I loved every minute of the classes. I enjoyed the class so much, and my husband will be starting to take lessons from you. I will tell my friends about how wonderful your Mandarin courses are."
- Maria Law
Saginaw, Michigan, USA

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