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Beginner Chinese Series 4

Beginner Chinese Series 4 (10 Lessons)
The Beginner Chinese Series 4 is the fourth unit of a systematic Chinese learning series. It builds on the basis of the previous three online Chinese courses. You'll learn more Chinese words, phrases, grammar and expressions. What's more, this learning Chinese course also includes more content relating to traditional and modern Chinese culture, so you can expand your cultural awareness along with building a Chinese vocabulary.
After a long day's work, wouldn't you like to invite someone to go to a bar with you? In this free Chinese lesson, you'll learn some practical expressions for asking others to go to a bar. We'll also give you some information about the bars in Sanlitun – a popular bar district in Beijing –and help you in learning some useful Chinese expressions such as unique and to do something with somebody.
Learning the Chinese language
What if you come across a beautiful scenery? You will probably want to take photos and share them with your friends! Watch the video lesson while learning useful Chinese words such as landscape/scenery, take photos and the first time.
Learning the Chinese language
What would you like to do when you come to Beijing? Would you like to try local snacks or visit places of interest? Hopefully you will enjoy your stay and have fun! After watching the video lesson, try to express your ideas in Chinese about what you want to do, using the verb repetition form learned in today’s class.
Learning the Chinese language
Do you know the renowned Gui Street in Beijing? In this lesson, let’s follow Li Qiang and Anna to know some delicious food on this famous street while learning useful Chinese phrases to express your likes or dislikes: “好+v./难+v.” Some other useful words are also included such as delicious.
Learning the Chinese language
What kind of gift from China would you like to get for your friends? There are so many choices! In this Mandarin Chinese lesson, the instructor will show you some features of traditional Chinese culture such as Mandarin gown, candied fruit on a stick, and more! You will also review all the important vocabulary and grammar learned from the previous four lessons.
Learning the Chinese language
Welcome to Shanghai! In this Mandarin lesson, get to know places of interest in the city: the Oriental Pearl Tower, the Museum of Shanghai, etc. while learning popular Mandarin expressions such as long time no see, of course, etc.
Learning the Chinese language
Lesson 7
Got a pet? Is your pet tame or ferocious? Pets keep us company and bring a lot of joys! In this Mandarin Chinese lesson, learn the words for kitten and cat food. In addition, learn how to use "了 (le)" while finding out what Ellie's cat looks like.
Learning the Chinese language

How do you express you want regular wash or dry-clean?  In today's lessons, you are going to master essential Chinese words for trips to the dry cleaners, such as wash clothes, dry-clean, to pick up, when etc. while learning a Chinese  sentence pattern: the alternative question sentences.

Learning the Chinese language

Tea is a very big part of Chinese culture. Whether in a restaurant or at a friend's home tea is usually the drink of choice. In this lesson, you will get to know some famous Chinese teas while learning the use of the Chinese adverb “都 (dōu) all/both.”

Learning the Chinese language
Watch the video "What do you want to drink?" and join Li Lan as she meets Li Qiang in a coffee shop. You will study how to use the Chinese auxiliary particle "了(le)" when Li Lan asks Li Qiang if he has ordered. In addition, you will study the Chinese word for "all/both (都dōu)" when Li Qiang says that both the "Mocha and Cappuccino" are good. This video lesson also illustrates how the word "或者 (huòzhě) / 还是 (háishi)" is used in Mandarin Chinese.

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