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Hello, May I know the meaning of this name please: Wú Àimei?
Comment by Mej373 posted on April 14, 2020   0 Comment
Hi Becky, Sorry, I can download the text now after singin in. Sorry.
Comment by teddy posted on March 9, 2018   4 Comments
In the summary you said Yiyuan xibian you xuexiao, but it is actually a bookstore, not hospital.
Comment by teddy posted on February 2, 2018   3 Comments
I have an unstable internet connection. The course stuck while trying to load in the middle. Maybe you can report it to be fixed? Thank you.
Comment by teddy posted on January 9, 2018   15 Comments
We have fixed this problem. Please check it out.
Comment by Helen Zhang (Chinese Teacher) posted on September 28, 2017   25 Comments
ni hao laoshi
Comment by Muhammad Irfan posted on August 25, 2017   40 Comments
Hi Helen, Thank you for your reply. I have tried to access the Beginner Chinese Series 1 - first video - and also tried some others at random from Survival Chinese. None of the videos would work on iPad Pro (latest model) though the other lesson material can be seen Rd. Grammar, vocabulary etc. As I...
Comment by Ros posted on July 20, 2016   3 Comments
Hi Mali, click the Simplified or Traditional at the top right corner of Exercises Tab, then the audio icons will show. Sorry for the inconvenience. We will fix this bug very soon.
Comment by Lisa_eChineseOnline Support posted on April 26, 2016   2 Comments
Hi Americanmark, I have checked your account and you haven’t started the 7-day free trial successfully. So there is no need to cancel it. You mentioned that you couldn’t access the site information. May I know more details about this issue? Thank you.
Comment by Lisa_eChineseOnline Support posted on December 9, 2015   12 Comments
Thanks for your prompt reply.
Comment by songan posted on July 24, 2015   9 Comments
Sorry for late reply. There are some small mistakes in your sentences. The first sentence should be: Zuótiān, wǒ qù gōngsī gōngzuò le. And the last sentence should be: Míngtiān wǒ xiǎng hē kāfēi huòzhě chá.
Comment by Helen Zhang (Chinese Teacher) posted on February 6, 2015   2 Comments
Hi Chitoko, We have launched a new website where the Pinyin lessons are. You can check out the Pinyin lessons by clicking I hope you enjoy our lessons. If you have any further questions, please feel free to let me know.
Comment by Helen Zhang (Chinese Teacher) posted on February 6, 2015   4 Comments
Hi Juan, There shouldn’t be any recording in the first exercise. We have fixed it. Thanks.
Comment by Helen Zhang (Chinese Teacher) posted on January 19, 2015   4 Comments
Hi Juan Antonio, I think roll the tongue would not effect the tongue. When we say some syllables like "zhi" or "ri," we need to roll the tongue. But the third tone is going down first and then raising up. You can upload your recording. We can see if your pronunciation is correct.
Comment by Helen Zhang (Chinese Teacher) posted on January 15, 2015   8 Comments
Your lessons are interesting, well explained and funny at the same time, congratulations.
Comment by Juan Antonio posted on October 31, 2014   1 Comment

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