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Beginner Chinese Series 3

Beginner Chinese Series 3 (10 Lessons)
Beginner Chinese Series 3 is the third unit of a systematic Chinese language learning video series. In this Chinese language course, you will learn more about Chinese language and culture through topics relating to daily life in China, such as going to karaoke, inviting somebody to dinner, doing Taijiquan (Tai Chi), going on vacation and so on.
Making phone calls is an important activity in our life and work. This Chinese language lesson will introduce some expressions that Chinese people frequently use in telephone conversations, and teach you how to express an inquiry through change of tones in sentences. In addition, you'll learn about the “lucky numbers” when Chinese choose their telephone numbers.
You heard about how popular Karaoke (KTV) is in China. In this Chinese language lesson, your teacher will introduce you some useful expressions at a KTV and also some of the most popular KTV songs in China. You will also become familiar with the structural auxiliary word “得 (de).”
Lesson 3
How do you celebrate birthdays in your country? In China, we often like to celebrate birthdays by having dinner with friends. In this Chinese language lesson, you'll learn how to invite friends to dinner and get familiar with table etiquette in China. In addition, you'll learn to make suggestions with the modal particle word “吧 (bā).”
Do you still remember the amazing Tai Chi display during the beginning ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games? In today’s Chinese language lesson, we will introduce you expressions related to Tai Chi and help you master the auxiliary verb “会 (huì).”
Lesson 5
There is a nice jacket on sale, but it is still outside your budget. Maybe you can convince the shopkeeper to lower the price, but first you need to learn how to barter in Chinese. In this lesson from eChineseOnline, you will learn some Chinese words and phrases that will help you be a more savvy shopper.

The Chinese National Holiday is an important public holiday in China. It lasts for seven days. One of the most popular activities during this holiday is traveling. You can travel by yourself, with friends, or join tour group through a travel agent. Let’s see which one Wang Ying will choose and where she would like to go.

Visiting China for the first time? China has many wonderful and beautiful places to see, but if you don't know where they are, what are you going to do? Asking for directions will be easy once you have taken this Mandarin Chinese Lesson from eChineseOnline. In this lesson, you will learn the Chinese words for near, far, subway, and more.

Have you ever wanted to dance with a cute girl or handsome guy you met at a party? In this lesson from eChineseOnline, you will learn some important Chinese words and phrases you can use to invite someone to dance with you.

Sometimes going shopping can be stressful. Have you ever been pressured into buying something you really didn't need? In this lesson by eChineselearning, you will learn some Chinese words and phrases that will help you get a persistent salesperson off your back.
The Mid-Autumn Festival is one of the traditional festivals in China. In this lesson, learn about planning a trip during this important holiday. Learn useful expressions such as holiday, travel, plan, and so on. Review all the important grammar points in the previous four lessons.

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I love these videos. I learnt a lot about the words “得 (de)”, “的 (de)”,“地 (de)”! Thank you so much!

— Minna


"The Chinese Pinyin course is great. I learned Chinese before but always had problems with tones. This course helps review all the ins and outs of the Pinyin and re-calibrate my pronunciations. The course is very well-designed and delivered!"
- Kenneth Preston
Nashville, Tennessee, USA

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