Chinese Video Courses >> Beginner Chinese Series 2 >> How much is the watermelon?

How much is the watermelon?

Lesson Information
Instructor:  Jo
Length:  14:22
Introduction:  Measuring and buying fruit. Measure words are used to express amount. This lesson helps you learn those related to fruit.
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In this lesson, you will become familiar with the unique units of measurement used in China. You will learn phrases such as buy, sell, give and expressions for inquiring about price. In addition, you will learn to use the double-object construction structure.

fabas19 says
9:30 Xigua with n.
April 28, 2012 Reply
Helen Zhang (Chinese Teacher) in reply to fabas19
Hi fabas19
Thanks for letting us know. We will correct it as soon as possible.
May 3, 2012 Reply
vmasci says
Hello, I have trouble getting this video to work. It uploads 1/4 and goes back to the beginning. Can you check what's going on? Thanks. 
August 3, 2014 Reply
Helen Zhang (Chinese Teacher) in reply to vmasci
Hi Vmasci,

I checked the video and it works on our side. Could you let me know what browser were you using?
August 16, 2014 Reply
Juan Antonio says
Hello there I have one question which is the meaning of this word "zhǎo" or what kind of meaning does it have in a sentence? can be used for what? in your grammar points there was gei as gives and another one that uses zhao. 
Thank you 
September 14, 2014 Reply
Juan Antonio in reply to Juan Antonio
Sorry but Im having the same kind of trouble hear Im not be able to listen your recording at exercises point 3, I use a browser called komodo dragon. 
September 14, 2014 Reply
Lisa_eChineseOnline Support in reply to Juan Antonio
I checked it out and they work with Firefox, IE and Google Chrome. Could you clear your browser's cache and have a try? If it doesn’t work, you can try using a different browser.
September 15, 2014 Reply
Helen Zhang (Chinese Teacher) in reply to Juan Antonio
Hi Juan Antonio,
Thank you for your good question.
找(zhǎo) here means to give change.
We often say"找(zhǎo) someone some money." 
For example, if you want to buy a book which cost $29. You give the shop keeper $30. The shop keeper will give you the change, $1. In Chinese, "give you the change, $1" is "找(zhǎo)你(nǐ)$1."

Two more examples,

Wǒ gěi tā sānshí kuài, tā zhǎo wǒ wǔ kuài.
我  给  他   30      块,他   找    我  5   块。
I give him 30. He gives me the change, 5 yuan.

Nǐ méiyǒu zhǎo wǒ qián.
你  没有      找    我  钱。
You didn't give me the change.
September 22, 2014 Reply
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