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Teaching Method

Our professional Chinese teachers employ a combination of teaching methodologies, with emphasis on the situation-based approach and the audio-visual pedagogy.

1. Audio-Visual Pedagogy
Research has shown that audio-visual approach could make language learning process more effective. Our video lessons allow teachers to use visuals and audios as key teaching tools to make the language points easier to memorize, and the learning process more interesting and less daunting.

2. Situation-based Approach
Each lesson offers practical topics based on real-world scenarios. In each lesson, specific topics are introduced in a variety of ways, leading in to specific knowledge or grammar points. The aim is to decrease difficulties, arouse the interest of students and make the learning process more fun.

3. Induction Method
Through "typical" examples and scenarios, our teachers help students induce language patterns, clarify language points, and master the principals of the Chinese language.

4. Substitution Drills
Each language point is accompanied by a variety of substitution drills, helping the learners remember new words, phrases and grammar.

5. Opportunities to Practice
Our Chinese teachers are committed to offering plenty of opportunities for students to practice what they learned in the lessons. Design of exercises is a key element for each lesson.

Our professional teachers not only teach the courses, but also design the curriculum to complement the video lessons:
Text – Review the dialogues or text materials covered in each lesson.
Vocabulary – Explanations and usages of the new words taught in each lesson.
Grammar – Detailed explanations of the Chinese grammar covered in the video lessons.
Chinese Characters – Learn how to read and write Chinese characters.
Culture – Get tips about the culture connotations!
Notes – Take notes any time you want.
Expansion – Learn something extra and fun!

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"I used to learn Mandarin through text books and audio materials until I found eChineseOnline. The video lessons are a great way to learn Mandarin because the teacher explains everything I need to know about particular usages or culture connotations- just like in a classroom. It is very effective!"
— Jeannette R. Correa
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Dec. 13, 2017

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