Bars in Houhai

Lesson Information
Instructor:  Candice
Length:  18:38
Introduction:  Ask for opinions and learn to describe things(i.e.“I heard…”), as told by other people.
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Houhai is one of the most interesting bar streets in Beijing due to its distinct local flair. In this Mandarin course, learn daily Chinese phrases such as great, let's go to..., night view, sit and beer.

aimme_miller says
I have taken your Pinyin Mandarin courses. Now I'm taking your survival Mandarin course.
It's every bit as good as the Pinyin course. They have never let me down. Thanks so much! I have
two questions, can you please help me? How do I ask what different brands of beer a bar offers?
And how do I say "One more, please."? 
August 24, 2011 Reply
Helen Zhang (Chinese Teacher) in reply to aimme_miller
We are happy to know that you are satisfied with our online Mandarin courses. 
If you want to ask what brands of beers a bar serves, you can say, “请问有什么啤酒?(Qǐn
wèn, yǒu shenm píjiǔ?)” Also, “One more, please.” can be translated as “再来一瓶。(Zàilái yì pín.) One more bottle, please.” or “再来一打。(Zài lái yì dǎ.) One more dozen, please.”
August 24, 2011 Reply
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