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Beginner Chinese Series 1

Beginner Chinese Series 1 (10 Lessons)
Beginner Chinese Series 1 is the first unit of a systematic Mandarin Chinese learning series intended for students who have had little prior exposure to the Chinese language. This Mandarin Chinese course focuses on teaching the most basic Chinese expressions such as asking others’ names, introducing your nationality, talking about simple weekend plans, using appropriate cultural etiquette when inquiring about age, and more. The Mandarin Chinese course also introduces simple sentence patterns and grammar, laying a solid foundation for continued learning in the following units.
How should you address others in Mandarin Chinese? When speaking Mandarin Chinese, people usually show respect when asking about others’ Chinese surnames. How? Simply add a “心 (xīn) heart” under “你 (nǐ)” to make “您 (nín)”. This is an honorific form. In other words, Chinese people show respect by placing “you” in their “hearts.” In addition to this, this free Mandarin Chinese lesson introduces useful phrases such as my surname is... sir and miss. Finally, you can also gain background knowledge about Chinese culture through our note on One Hundred Chinese Surnames Primer.
The order of Chinese names is the opposite of that of most western names. In Chinese, the family name goes before the given name: family name first, and then the given name. In this Mandarin Chinese lesson, beginning learners will also learn to introduce their occupation, and distinguish between the relational verbs "是 (shì)," "姓 (xìng)," and "叫 (jiào)."
If you have two friends who don't know each other, how do you introduce them in Mandarin Chinese? Learn useful conversational Mandarin Chinese phrases such as his/her name is... A and B are colleagues, and supermarket. This beginner conversational Chinese lesson also teaches how to use the verb as predicate sentence structure.
Language skills and cultural sensitivity are crucial for building relationships and conducting business in China. This beginner Mandarin Chinese lesson teaches students how to introduce colleagues to business partners using phrases such as let me introduce, this is my business card.
Learn more Mandarin Chinese phrases to introduce your home country and job. Learners can get to know country names such as U.S., United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, and useful phrases such as I come from... and I work at .... This beginner Chinese lesson also helps students become familiar with the names of various departments in a company.
What brand of beer is the most famous in China? How does one compliment a handsome man or beautiful lady? Sounds interesting? You don’t want to miss this beginner Mandarin Chinese lesson! Learn useful phrases such as famous, beautiful and pretty.
Can you introduce all your family members in Chinese? In this beginner Mandarin Chinese lesson, you will learn to say your daughter is very cute, dad, mom, wife, and more. Also, you will learn how to count number in this Chinese lesson.
In this Mandarin Chinese lesson, you will learn how to inquire and answer about one's age, learn basic numbers, learn about culture etiquette and ask others’ occupations. Learn useful Mandarin  Chinese phrases such as how old are you, before and busy.
Going for an outing with your Chinese friends? If so, you don’t want to miss this Chinese lesson! Learn how to discuss simple plans and how to answer yes or no questions. Learn phrases such as shall we go for an outing this weekend, we all like..., and Monday through Sunday.
In this Mandarin Chinese training session, you will learn to ask for others' birth dates and use phrases such as which year were you born, birthday and cake. Beginning Chinese learners will also learn to express dates in years, months, and days.

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I learned beginner Chinese Series, and I have difficulty in pronouncing the "x," Can anyone help me?

— Michelle


I've learnt a lot from your online beginner Chinese lessons, and I'm so glad that I made quick progress these days. Thanks again.
- Elisabeth Bush
Seattle, Washington

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