Chinese Video Courses >> Beginner Chinese Series 4 >> I want to buy a gift for my girlfriend.

I want to buy a gift for my girlfriend.

Lesson Information
Instructor:  Ellie
Length:  17:12
Introduction:  Review the vocabulary and grammar that you've learnt in the previous lessons.
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What kind of gift from China would you like to get for your friends? There are so many choices! In this Mandarin Chinese lesson, Ellie will show you some features of traditional Chinese culture such as Mandarin gown, candied fruit on a stick, and more! You will also review all the important vocabulary and grammar in the previous lessons.

takak says
Hi Elli how are you?
You are such a good teacher.
I enjoy your classes.
Yes, my family are planning to go to Beijing this June. Copuld you tell me where is good to buy qipao?

thank you
March 24, 2012 Reply
Ellie_Chinese teacher in reply to takak
Hi, takak.  If you want to buy Qípáo, you can go to silk market, in Chinese is "Xiùshuǐ shì chǎng,"  you can buy cheap and beautiful "qi2pao2" , by the way you should bargain. If you have any questions,please feel free let me know. ^_^
March 26, 2012 Reply
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