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We have fixed this problem. Please check it out.
Comment by Helen Zhang (Chinese Teacher) posted on September 28, 2017   25 Comments
ni hao laoshi
Comment by Muhammad Irfan posted on August 25, 2017   40 Comments
Hi Americanmark, I have checked your account and you haven’t started the 7-day free trial successfully. So there is no need to cancel it. You mentioned that you couldn’t access the site information. May I know more details about this issue? Thank you.
Comment by Lisa_eChineseOnline Support posted on December 9, 2015   12 Comments
Thanks for your prompt reply.
Comment by songan posted on July 24, 2015   9 Comments
Ok. I checked it using Google Chrome, it worked. You can try to clear the cookies if you have this problem next time. Hope you enjoy the lessons!
Comment by Lisa_eChineseOnline Support posted on August 1, 2014   39 Comments
Comment by david1688zheng posted on October 20, 2013   24 Comments
Hi Guillaume, Thanks for letting us know about this. The Pinyin for 2010 should be "èrlíngyīlíng," and 1998 should be "yījiǔjiǔbā." We will correct it as soon as possible. Becky
Comment by Becky_Chinese Teacher posted on April 26, 2012   4 Comments
osmanisoon, Thanks again for the note. Is it working now? It does seem to work from what we see. Let me know. Thanks!
Comment by fredrao posted on March 11, 2012   12 Comments
Hello bashodasahn, I checked out the video and it seems to work well. Is it streaming slowly? Could you tell me where you were located when you watched the video? Does it work now? Let me know if you still have questions or need any help.
Comment by Helen Zhang (Chinese Teacher) posted on March 9, 2012   14 Comments
Xièxie Yinjang. You are a girl, right? So you need to say: "Wǒ shì yí gè gūniang." Don't forget the verb and measure. :)
Comment by Becky_Chinese Teacher posted on January 5, 2012   9 Comments

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