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How should you address others in Chinese? When speaking Chinese, people usually show respect when asking about others’ Chinese surnames. How? Simply add a “心 (xīn) heart” under “你 (nǐ)” to make “您 (nín)”. This is an honorific form. In other words, Chinese people show respect by placing “you” in their “hearts.” In addition to this, this free Chinese lesson introduces useful phrases such as my surname is... sir and miss. Finally, you can also gain background knowledge about Chinese culture through our note on One Hundred Chinese Surnames Primer.
The order of Chinese names is the opposite of that of most western names. In Chinese, the family name goes before the given name: family name first, and then the given name. In this Chinese lesson, beginning learners will also learn to introduce their occupation, and distinguish between the relational verbs "是 (shì)," "姓 (xìng)," and "叫 (jiào)."

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I have learned Survival Chinese courses here for a week and noticed that in Lesson 4 of the Survival Chinese course there is the measure word "个." The usage of this is not very clear to me? Could you explain it? Thanks!

- Tina


"Excellent! I loved every minute of these Chinese courses. The classes were really enjoyable, and my husband will start taking Chinese courses from you soon. I’ll tell my friends about how wonderful your Chinese video courses are."
- Maria Law
Saginaw, Michigan, USA
Dec. 20, 2010

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